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Tim McElvaine is the Founder and President of McElvaine Investment Management Ltd.


Tim developed his value-oriented philosophy during his 12-year career with Peter Cundill & Associates where, amongst other capacities, he served as Manager of the Cundill Security Fund (1992-1996), Co-Manager of the Cundill Value Fund (1998-2003) and Chief Investment Officer (1998-2003).


Tim had previously earned a Bachelor of Commerce from Queen's University in 1986, qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1988, and as a Chartered Financial Analyst in 1991. After working at Touche Ross in Toronto (1986-1989), Tim joined the Bank of N.T. Bufferfield in Bermuda (1989-1991). Tim moved to Vancouver to join Peter Cundill's firm in 1991.


Tim has served on the Board of Directors of several publicly listed companies including Sun-Rype Products Ltd, Humpty Dumpty Snack Foods Inc, Rainmaker Entertainment Inc., Glacier Media Inc, We Commerce Holdings Ltd. and Bastion Square Partners Inc.


Tim has been a speaker at value investing conferences including The Value Investing Seminar in Italy, Institute of Advanced Financial Planners Annual Symposium and The Ben Graham Centre's Value Investing Conference in Toronto. In addition, Tim has appeared on BNN, Globe and Mail, Financial Post, Outstanding Investor Digest, Manual of Ideas and has been featured in the investment book Stock Market Superstars


​Lorne Porayko works with Tim as a research analyst. In addtion, Lorne is a staff critical care physician and anaesthesiologist practicing in Victoria, BC for the past 18+ years. He is an Assistant Professor and an award-winning clinical teacher in the Island Medical School Program. He has done both clinical and volunteer work in Australia, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Ontario over his medical career. Lorne has twin intellectual passions: value investing and resuscitation medicine. He balances these with his devotion to his family and his closest friends. In his spare time, he analyzes companies, trains in Muay Thai alongside his lovely wife, Jennifer.

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​Kate Jordan is our admin assistant (as well as Tim's wife).  Kate has her BSC from McGill.  She has been involved in a number of businesses including founding Flaming June Day Spa.  In addition to working with Tim & Lorne, Kate breeds Devon Rex Cats (

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