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Our Values - do no harm

While we do not hold ourselves out to be an ESG or SRI fund, like you, we have children, parents, siblings and friends. When we invest, we would like to know our returns are not dependent on harming another person.

Our litmus test is when we look in the mirror each day, we want to be proud of the Fund's returns as well as proud of where we are earning those returns.

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Respect the value of each person

For us this means:

  • we consider management and Board diversity

  • we consider the quality of employee relations and working conditions

  • we avoid investing in any firm which promotes products degrading to any race or gender

Respect Life

For us this means:

  • we will avoid investing in any firm with a substantial military or weapons business

Leave a Gentle Footprint

For us this means:

  • while we may invest in extractive or fossil fuel industries, we will consider and understand their environmental and reclamation policies.

Avoid Predators

For us this means:

  • we will not invest in firms involved in tobacco manufacturing or the gambling industry

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