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An Investment Fund for Canadians

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Uncertain world,
Clear Purpose

Our approach is focused, and our interests are aligned. Many firms and ETFs invest
automatically with little regard for value. Are these firms interested in asset growth or your investment returns? Do the portfolio managers have their money in the same place as you? When they manage several funds, how do you know you are in the right one?


With McElvaine Value Fund, we are investors right alongside you.  Our goals are the same as yours: earn above average returns and minimize the risk of capital loss. 

As Chief Investment Officer at Mackenzie Cundill Funds, I worked closely with renowned value investor Peter Cundill. I strongly believe a value approach results in better returns with lower risk. That is why I decided to follow Peter's legacy and form my own value fund. 


I established McElvaine Value Fund (previously called The McElvaine Investment Trust) in 1996.  Peter was the largest investor in McElvaine Value Fund until his passing in 2011.

So that sums us up.  Personally invested, longer track record than most funds (especially with one person at the helm), no marketing department, rewarded for performance and if you have a question, accessible. 

In other words, not your typical ETF or investment fund.

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